How do you get rid of your anxious thoughts? How do you settle yourself enough to hear God’s voice? Before anything else happens, what do you need?

First, Peace


If you were to aspire to become like Jesus, where should you start?

On Humility


How do you know when you are making a good decision? How can you tell if someone’s motivation toward you is good? What is your process for thinking correctly?

Wise Decision Making


Where can I go to feel comfortable with the ‘Grit’ that life shovels out? How do I process my inside world? How can I tune my attitude?

How to Read the Psalms


What do you do when big life hits? Where do you go when it feels like the bottom of everything just fell out? Who do you talk to when you feel like God has let you down? What do you do: When you feel like it is wrong to ask these questions…

The Job and Revelation Tool



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