Path Out; Eliminate the Swirl

“An easy read and applicable to daily living: this book offers the reader close-up examples of vulnerable moments in the author’s life. Through his own personal difficulties, Phil offers a prescription to support the reader in making sense of life and dealing with hurts and remorse. He outlines common areas of conflict, through which he provides a toolkit designed to make sense of life and to deal with unresolved conflict. It is a call to repent, forgive, accept, resist and heal with resolution.”

Cara Stapleton, MSW RSW

Here is the Link!

Path Out; Eliminate the Swirl

Path Out is now available digitally on line; the Kindle App is available as well. Most digital applications are accommodated. We are still trying to make it available here.

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  1. As someone who has had hours upon hours of counselling from different therapists, pastors, counselors and even psychologists, I found myself wishing I had this book years ago! Not only would it have saved me money, but Phil Sovdi has laid things out in a way that makes true healing accessible to everyone. This book was well written and is full of practical steps and solid truths!

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