Don’t Forget To Be Friends

Life gets big, fast, and sometimes all too confusing. 

Remember when things were simpler when it was just you and him, or maybe you and her?

Hey, did that actually happen or was that a mythical moment with a mythical couple?

Why just this morning the SUV has left the driveway at least three times, and that was before 9:00 am; not once would you have been presentable had you been pulled over.

It’s called life. Not a prison, sentence, or punishment; it’s a full-on privilege.

I know you needed a moment, I just wanted to remind you of that. We all do.

We started out as friends; we liked spending time together. I would do crazy things to get to be with her and see her smile. Even if I only got five minutes during her lunch break and then have to drive back to where real life happened, I did it for fun, for friendship, for love.

We’ve seen others succumb and lose their focus. It could have happened to us. Somehow we picked up a little tidbit. Somehow we learned to push back on the rapid, the consuming press of time, schedule and appointments. We learned that we have to be friends and stay friends. Working on friendship in the middle of life is no easy task, but we’ve been able to do it up until now and determinedly we’ll do it into the future.

You can too. Stay friends.


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Stay In Your Box #2 (re-print from Blue Collar Theology)

Stay in Your Box 2

Pseudo Relationships Abound!

If we remain too busy, and our lives keep screaming ahead, we probably won’t know the difference.

“I Love You,” is a meaningful set of words, but often the catch phrase should read, “If you stay in your box and are available when I need you and what I need you for.”

We live in a generation that has no shortage of communication opportunities. All of our technical world is about building better communication. We can Twitter, Facebook, Face Time, Skype, Google, Text, e-mail and oh I almost forgot telephone, and yet I’m not sure if our relationships are better or have gone any deeper.

There is no doubt about it; relationships are a challenge. They take time, energy, skill and effort.

To have a relationship for real where we can know and be known is rare. So, the temptation is very real for us to have relationships that are “me-time.” If you fit the box, which I determine, only then we can have relationship. If not then maybe we can…text…or something. “Call me and we’ll do lunch.”

The bottom line is I want to control. But, your bottom line is that you want the same. If I want to control you, and you want to control me, the chance is great that there will be no authentic relationship and the love that should flow.

I believe that we are built to be authentic and to have vulnerable and intimate relationships. I think deep inside we crave it.

Jesus taught that the second is like the first, “Love your neighbor as I have loved you.” You might want to notice that he didn’t say, “When your neighbor loves you, then you love.” He left the responsibility on the one who is hearing his words or in this case reading.

If that’s the measuring line, how many of us live as Christian? Do I? Do you?