Marriage can be this fun! 


What they said:

"We...felt loved and comfortable talking with Phil..."

"Anyone looking to grow closer as a couple should consider Phil's session. We are a private couple yet felt loved and comfortable talking with Phil about our relationship; it's strengths and weaknesses. Both of us have learned to communicate our feelings better and to actively listen. Phil provides a wealth of personal experience and genuinely wants to see couples grow closer together. We became aware of the need to set boundaries with our own families of origin and put our family’s peace first and foremost. At the end of our session Phil provided a workbook for us to do as a couple. Whether you are looking for a tune up or a marriage rebuild, we strongly recommend you contact Phil."

Alex & Ashley  

What they said: 

"...sitting down with you...opened our eyes..."

"Doug and I both agree that sitting down with you the other evening over the Internet indeed provided value and not only created a bonding moment for both of us, we lead such busy lives, but opened our eyes to a lot of different areas within our marriage. The idea that we needed to treat our marriage with the same or higher importance that we would any important business transaction made so much sense. What I mean by that is, taking the time that we have taken on our business and implementing a regular Marriage Meeting, giving the same amount of energy and time into our marriage, would undoubtedly lead for a more balanced life. The time you spent with us proved that on multiple levels marriage has its tough moments, but most times it is a blessing. The most significant thing that helped us that evening was you relating to your own experience being married to Linda. This Marriage Consult is an incredible opportunity to help marriages and the people in them."

Doug and Judy - Business Owners  

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