Location, Location, Location

My wife and I just travelled much of yesterday and through the night last night. We journeyed for nineteen hours all in, to set ourselves up for the next week, month, year and years; my wife for a major trip, myself for a major course for credentialing, and to help my two daughters for a significant shift in their locations.

The key is that we couldn’t do anything for any of that without a change of our position. The location change is temporary but vital and necessary for the accomplishment of all those goals.

I’ve heard the phrase, so you must have too, “Location, Location, Location.” From the phrase, from the emphasis, location is a huge deal, but it is.

Our place we hold in life, the place we currently are and the place we need to be is location or attitudinal particular.

What changes do you need to make to prepare your readiness, your availability, your centre of operation? What trip do you need to make in your thoughts or attitudes to be proximal for your next move or project?

Faith filled living is all about trajectory and movement towards the object of our faith, Christ.

Take a moment and check your setting. Get proximal to his purpose for your life. If necessary, make the plans and get moving.

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