Focus – Look Where You Want To Go

From where do you draw your direction?

Where is it that you get your lead?

We live in a culture that bombards us and presses us to take our lead, our directives from what is before our eyes. It’s called advertising. It’s called ‘News.’ It’s called trending.

So, what is before your eyes?

Maybe, like a widely represented group in Canada, your answer would be social media or news media.

All too often I think we are cultured to fit, flow, and move with the pack. Given just enough information to ‘help us’ develop our opinion we move onto the next media onslaught.

Focus is everything in our context; where we are looking is where we are going. That may not seem like a big deal until you wind up at a place that is not okay then you scratch your head wondering how you could be so far off track.

The principle is ‘Look at where you want to go.’ This phrase is true in the Martial Arts; as my son has been instructing me, look at where you want that kick to land. It is also true in professional driving, ‘look to the horizon of where you want to go.’

Our look, our ‘set’ is paramount.

Why not set your eyes, your focus, and your vision now, before you find your life off course?

Maybe this blog finds you off course. You can change your trajectory with a new focus.

David, the giant killer/King, did it. Psalm 16:8

Paul, the Christian persecutor, found his focus and became the forgiven propagator and prolific author of the Christian faith. Philippians 3:13b-14

Maybe today you can find your focus, your set, and your target?

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