Wooden Shoes

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Today I was made aware that there has been conversation about me. How many? How often? I’m not sure. But, one of my colleagues was relaying to me a conversation she had with another former colleague that I do not immediately remember. She was trying to describe me to him.

“Oh, the Dutch guy with the wooden shoes,” he exclaimed.

I’m not Dutch, or not mostly, but I do wear wooden shoes quite often. I had to laugh that people ‘wood’ talk about my shoes.

Just as an aside, wooden shoes are excellent for posture and foot support, and, they are very comfortable. Just saying.

But this comment got me thinking. How much of my path, my walk, my life is observed? Some of these answers may never become evident or communicated, but I would venture, most, if not all of my life is under observation or even scrutiny by someone somewhere and at various times.

Then the next question that presents itself to me is, “What am I communicating with my life?”

I think it was Chip Ingram who asked, “If I follow you will I get to Christ, or will I get somewhere else?”

That’s a great question. I’m trying to answer it with my life, not just my shoes, but also my entire walk.


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