Spiritual Parallel


When it comes to life and faith, which is more important, ‘For’ or ‘In’? Huh?

Both of these words carry a huge impact with regards to how you process your life and your faith.

The ‘For’ part:

It occurs to me that we need the executive level provision. What do I mean? We need a provision, a place, an opportunity made available. We need a pre-arranged set of circumstances to facilitate our next step.

Let me explain.

I have spent my last couple of weeks in Camp. Because of the “Beast,” the Fort McMurray Fire, my work has been provided and dispatched from a Camp setting. The camp exists because of those who have initially set it up; by those who manage its facilities, and the company I work for who has accessed the facilities and finally whoever pays the bill, fortunately not me.

I have full access to the entire facility, within the rules of its use. It is actually quite amazing; the food; the room where I can have the quiet to write a piece like this and where I can peacefully sleep; all the amenities. All of this provision is ‘For’ me and a few thousand others.

The “In” part:

How I use the provided facilities is entirely up to me. I can choose to eat at the times provided, the food has been fantastic, or not. My choice. I can use the Common Room for recreation or not. I can walk/run the track or play basketball or badminton in the gymnasium. Or, I can decline.

For some, Camp is just a place to be, to endure for the next period of time. I have chosen differently.

I decided that if I have to be away from family and my regular life, if I have to be displaced by the fire, then why not make it pay?

I have been daily hitting the gym and work out area. I have been eating well and healthy and walking upwards of 10k a day. Really.

What have I done? I have chosen to apply, to use, to leverage what has been provided ‘For’ me and make it work ‘In’ me. My choice.

The spiritual parallel:

There has been a provision made for everyone. God has provided, an executive decision, for all through Christ.

There you have it; it is there for you with all of its amenities.

So, how will you apply it? Your choice.

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