Freedom Choice

I want to be a person of freedom, a person who lives in freedom, and a person who gives freedom to others.

I want to be one who ‘gets to’ or chooses to, rather than one who ‘has to.’

Freedom is all about choice, so I need to live a life of choice and not one of rules or the dictates of another.

In order to be a person of freedom, I need to have freedom as a personal experience. And, how do I get experience in freedom? The answer is quite simple really. I need to make good choices.

Good choosing requires engagement at all levels instead of leaving it to ‘random’ or chance. It requires that I live life responsibly and become fully informed as it relates to my world. It is actually the antithesis of what many believe freedom to be.

For many, freedom is just the absence of rules, and anarchy if you will. But, for those who would live in true freedom, the governance or rules come from an internal guide.

A person who lives in freedom will not put you down. They do not get their power from your demise. Rather they are dispensers of good will and helpful information that gives you the power to choose.

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You Don’t Have to Live; You Get to!