Positioned For The Amazing

When does the Amazing happen?
When does the ‘Break’ occur?
When does your ship come in?
When does the answer come?

All of these questions preclude a moment. Some people are ‘wired’ for moments, for a moment. They are waiting, anticipating, and desiring the resolution, the ‘break,’ the answer. Will it happen, or, when will it happen?
My answer? “I don’t know.”
What I do know is that ancient Joseph, the Dream Coat Joseph, had a dream. He perhaps naively exposed that dream to those he thought cared about him. They did not. For thirteen plus years he suffered and was put down, down and down again. He was about as low and betrayed as he could get when all of a sudden, all that changed.
Joseph in a moment went from the dank, dark, dungeon of depression to prophetic advisor and everything changed. His Amazing happened.
All the way through this ordeal, this process, Joseph wrestled with the God he so trusted. We know this because the scripture tells us that he remained in his dilemma “till the word of the Lord proved him true.” (Psalm 105:19, NIV) You see, Joseph wasn’t the keeper of the moment; only God could and was that keeper and God was Joseph’s keeper.
Will the moment appear? Will your moment appear?
God is your keeper. He is the one who oversees your life. He knows where you live or where you have been thrust. Let his word prove you true. Allow and encourage his character development in you.
If you will do this, and continue to do this, you will be in position for the Amazing.

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You Don’t Have To Live; You Get To!

1) Peace

Wouldn’t it make sense to live in peace if we could?
We’ve mortgaged our futures, financed our lives and overspent our overtime. How can we ever live in peace?
I’ve been caught here before, and the swirl of emotions almost sent me over the edge.
One time I cried out, literally, on my way to work on a dreary, rainy Wet Coast, (intentional,) morning, “God I need your help!” I had banking that was coming due in the next week, and I had no means, which I could see, of meeting it. I felt the pressures stacking up on me. The future looked bleak. So I cried out again. It was dark, I was alone, and no one could see inside my car.
As I stopped the car to go to work, I felt a prompting. It was in the form of a question, “Are you okay today?” It caught me off guard because I think I was expecting some divine directive. Instead, I got a question, “Are you okay today?” I had to respond with a yes because from what I could tell my world wouldn’t fall apart until next week. Then the peace came with assurance, “If you are okay today don’t you think that I will take care of you tomorrow?”
You know? He has. He did then, and he has every day up to and including today.
He will do it for you too. Just ask.

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You don’t have to live; You get to!