The Joseph Document

The Joseph Document is a compilation of twenty blogs that I did in 2017 on the life and surrounding story of the historic Joseph found in Genesis, starting in chapter 37.

Other than the story of Jesus, there may not be a more impacting and compelling Bible story in my adult life than the story of Joseph.

The story is full of innocent naivety, family dysfunction, and betrayal, brutal and cruel captivity. It shows life’s underside and how even that works for a bigger plan when God is involved, and by the way, God is always involved if we dare to look.

So, take the time. Use this tool to lift you and inspire the drama in your life for good. I guarantee that Joseph will speak from the ancient pages of history and will return the hope that you thought was gone for good.

Without modern communication, social media, church attendance, and face-to-face friends, Joseph was able to preserve his faith and equilibrium.

You can too.

The Joseph Document


If you’ve got to go Through it; Make it Pay!

I can’t count the useless days of worrying and fretting. Life has a way of visiting everyone with discomfort and sometimes, outright pain.

When we get presented with this ominous, we can try and hide but usually ominous finds every corner, every hiding spot.

Some will run, run to drugs, some alcohol, some busyness, some religion, but eventually what’s left is the stark reality of “Big Life.” Now, what?

Why not try a different tack? Why not turn into the wind? Why not face the intruder and stare it down? Why not take this assault and turn it around and Make it Pay? Why not come out better, healthier and wiser? Why not use it as the proverbial stepping stone, the cornerstone of understanding?

Isn’t that the choice?

Take a beating or Make It Pay!

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