Knocked Down But Not Out – Don’t Quit!

Who can’t relate?

Who doesn’t know the frustration of something started and then the derail; the side step; the misstep; the miss-directed; wagon falling-off-of experience?

My intensity may not be at the same level as yours, all it takes is a recalibration, if we choose, for all of us.

Righteous people fall, multiple times, but then they get back up, again and again, and again if necessary.

We only fail when we quit.

So, Don’t quit!

There is an agricultural reference in the sacred text that says, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9, NIV)

Did you catch that? It is for you. Keep going; you are going to make it. Keep going!

This last couple of weeks for me has been a plateau for my weight-loss-challenge. I have had the feelings of “I tried.” “This is easier.” “You weren’t going to make it anyway.”

Simply? I have veered off the course that I have set. I have let go of the little things that I was doing and in which I was experiencing success.

Well, today that has changed. I have recalibrated and have re-purposed. I have determined that I will win simply because I won’t quit.


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One thought on “Knocked Down But Not Out – Don’t Quit!

  1. 10-4 Phil. How about this word, “discipline”. I have struggled with it. How long it has taken for me to grow up and see that word as a positive force in my life…, too long!! Perhaps if I had used any of your positive versions of the word, it would have helped. Now you’ve got my memory bank stirred, isn’t there scripture that says something like “if you won’t correct yourself…..”?

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