The last month has been busy, to say the least.

I had to write four papers for a course that I was taking while our city evacuated because of the “Beast.”

At the same time of writing these papers, I was privileged to walk with a dear friend through her stroke, intensive, then palliative care. She eventually succumbed to her illness. Sadly, I will be conducting her memorial service tomorrow.

All this happened while I have had a regular work schedule and also a somewhat ‘ramped up’ pastoral schedule again, because of the Fort McMurray Fire.

Now that the smoke of this course has cleared, I am excited to concentrate on this blog and the official launch of this site.

Very shortly I will be able to provide details of a new book that I have written, “Path Out – Eliminate the Swirl.” I will make it available here, and I am looking forward to the help that it will offer for those who are continually dealing with the issues, the swirls of ‘yesterday’.

It’s going to be a great Fall. I look forward to moving ahead with you.

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