Amazing Surprises


Nice Surprise

He looked straight at us then he stood there and waited. I think he knew I had a busload of tired workers that were just ready for a thrill. He posed and my bus went wild.
The passengers got to see and photograph a real black bear in its original habitat and not even fifty feet away. I can almost imagine the conversation and picture sharing that happened around their table tonight.
We can dream again. We can be thrilled again. I think there is something inside of us that wants and waits for the spectacular. We look for the thrill so much so that sometimes we try to manufacture it. But isn’t it better when we are just plain old taken off guard and thrilled? I saw and heard some of that thrill tonight.
Now think with me for a moment.
God has Amazing good, Amazing love, Amazing grace, and Amazing surprises just waiting for the right time when it will ‘blow you away.’ How much better when he gives it, and when he astonishes us?
“Since before time began no one has ever imagined,
No ear heard, no eye seen, a God like you who works for those who wait for him.” (Isaiah 64:4, Message.)
W-a-i-t for it!
Wait for Him.

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