4) Peace, Why?

I’ve lived over thirty years of my life, my son twenty-four, in a house full of girls. I know, it was our privilege / cross to bear / challenge, and blessing, sometimes all at once. What I noticed about these ladies was their dream of a prince coming and solving all. I thought maybe I could be that prince, but it wasn’t what they had in mind; rather, Disney videos lined our bookcases.

It was fun to watch them grow up and it was delightful to see them get lost in the dream of their future.

But, life has a way of giving our dreams a hit. It has a way of auto-correcting our plans and giving misgivings. Sometimes we are blessed, and sometimes we are disappointed. Sometimes the dreams are challenged and realigned.

Conversely, today there is a real Prince. He is not just for my ladies, not just for the fantasy, the movie, the trailers, but he is actually the Prince by title.

Isaiah an ancient prophet is recorded in the Bible to prophesy of Jesus coming to earth as a baby, our Christmas story. In this prophecy he describes Jesus by titles. One of those titles is, Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6.)

He is in charge of peace and he represents His Kingdom of Peace.

So, he brings peace to you.

Pray for that peace, ask for that peace, and then thank him believing that it has happened and is happening.


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